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"This really is the best Functional Maths stuff around and is saving us a lot of hard work"                                         DB, Head of Maths, Range High School, Specialist Mathematics School
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This is the ultimate mathematics PowerPoint® teaching and learning resource for use with electronic whiteboards, projector screens or laptops. It is easily editable/adaptable and is suitable for use with any national mathematics curriculum programme. An important feature of this resource is that all mathematical concepts are clearly and simply explained from first principles. The material is presented in a manner throughout that gives the student the opportunity to discover the result/theorem/formula "for themselves" and therefore makes the mathematics more relevant,  interesting and inspiring.

The Version 13 CD Gives you a massive:

                                                                 Views From the Front

"If you are looking to buy one package to get your department up and running using interactive whiteboards or projectors, then this should be it. I have whole heartedly recommended it in the schools I have visited both in England and Australia, and the feedback has been incredibly positive...................." www.mrbartonmaths.com/reviews.htm
Craig Barton. Range High School: A Specialist Mathematics School

"The quality of the Whiteboardmaths resources is outstanding. The animations, colours and sounds keep the students engaged. I have found the presentations to be invaluable this year especially as I have a number of NQTs and non-specialists working in the faculty. The presentations are good for whole class teaching and also independent research. The presentations can be used as they are or just parts of them in starters or plenaries. The enrichment presentations are wonderful - accessible to all yet easily extendable for challenge for the more able students. The students particularly enjoyed the SATs questions and enjoyed the challege of improving their scores. I don't know how we ever managed without it"!!
JH, Head of Mathematics, (The Dearne High School, Rotherham)

"We recently purchased a site licence for the Primary Resources CD and absolutely love it.  The children are really engaged with the software and actively look forward to their numeracy lessons.  All our classrooms have eager cries at the start of each lesson for their favourite mental starter activities and the teachers are delighted that they now have an invaluable bank of quality materials to support the revised framework for numeracy.  Thank you for saving us countless hours of our own precious time, making activities which would always be inferior in quality to yours!!"
KB, ICT Co-Ordinator (
Maryport CoE Junior School

"Whiteboardmaths has proved itself to be a valuable resource for our department. We have saved an enormous amount of time by using these ready made presentations on our new interactive whiteboards. There is a vast collection of material covering all aspects of the curriculum and the presentations have been written to a very high standard".
LC (
Stanborough School, A specialist Mathematics School,Welwyn Garden City)

"Thank you Whiteboardmaths for the Maths PowerPoint presentations I have bought which has transformed my teaching and has made the topic so much more enjoyable for my students. Please do the same thing for A-Level. Keep up the good work!"
AM, Maths Specialist School Co-ordinator, St Thomas More High School, Westcliff-on-Sea

"I wanted to thank for your excellent software that we have recently bought. The presentations look fantastic. It allows me to get on with the job of teaching and allows the students to revise work in their own time. I recommend these presentations to Maths teachers around the country".
AH, Head of Mathematics, Whitton School, Twickenham

“This is just a short note to say thanks. We ordered a copy of your CD after spending over 6 months looking at other available resources and have found it to be superb. The graphics are excellent and the overall package is well put together and covers a good portion of the syllabus. The pupils have already enjoyed working with your product on our whiteboard.If you would like to use our school as a point of contact for others please feel free to do so. Thanks again for such a wonderful package!”
JM (Head of Mathematics,
Bishop Perowne High School, Worcester)

Thanks very much. Our school bought your software together with a VLE licence in June and it’s been great. I have recommended it to our LEA Maths Team and I'm pleased to say that all our schools are now equipped with VLE licences".
ML, (Newlands Girls' School, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead)

"I would recommend to any teacher these visually stunning resources.  The PowerPoint presentations are closely matched to the National Curriculum and are versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways. I have used them around Oxfordshire with very positive responses from both Students and Teachers. Teachers are delighted with a comprehensive collection of time saving materials of such a high quality.  I am pleased to say that all our  schools are now using your resource. Thank you Whiteboardmaths Team”.
AK, Senior Mathematics Consultant, Oxfordshire

“I would like to thank you for the Whiteboardmaths CD which I find wonderful. The presentations are really fun for me to plan my lessons around. They are easy to edit and adapt and they motivate the students who are always engaged. They really seem to make maths come alive for them. They will even remind me when I have forgotten to turn on the sound! We have recently had a great time revising with the SAT BOOSTER presentations, and we ended up upping the ante (as proposed by a few of the students) that they had to not only to choose the level and topic but must answer it by themselves on the spot whilst explaining their workings. Overall I really love them and just wish my teachers could have done the same for me!”

ED, Collingwood College, Surrey

“I use the Whiteboardmaths presentations on my interactive white board and my year 2 children love them. They really like the dartboard presentation and it fits in perfectly with the National Curriculum objective of adding three numbers together. The presentations are bright and colourful with great sound effects that hold the children's attention. My children have been able to see patterns in numbers more clearly. It has never been easy to find suitable, eye catching resources to help explain concepts such as weight, time and capacity. The whiteboard maths presentations together with the animations have made such a difference in teaching these difficult maths topics”.
JC, St Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School (Year 2 Teacher) Cranleigh, Surrey.


"I am thrilled with the Whiteboards.com CD. I like the fact that I can edit the presentations to meet my needs. I can add movies and my own ideas. My students are always engaged by the activities and appealing graphics. I really appreciate the worksheets which are embedded into the Presentations. The PowerPoint format makes reviewing concepts quick and easy. The program is so simple. Teachers don't need to attend expensive training workshops to learn how to use the program. It doesn't take any technical training to present the lessons. I don't have to worry about running a complicated computer program. I just click and teach".
Gulf Gate Elementary School, Sarasota County, Florida

"These are fabulous PowerPoint presentations. They are perfect for use with interactive whiteboards. I have been singing their praises wherever I go. They are really useful for Year 6 numeracy. Keep up the good work”.
MR (Primary ICT Consultant)

"You have by far the best school material that I have ever seen on the Web. You have a good team with the best pedagogical knowledge and feeling.  Please continue this way and many thanks for these resources".
HILD Charles, math teacher at Lycée Robert-Schuman in Luxembourg


"I have been using your excellent PowerPoint Presentations for a long time now. I have used them with pupils when I was a PT in a secondary school and now with student teachers, both primary and secondary, at the University of Dundee. They can be used by individual pupils, for interactive teaching purposes with whole classes and for demonstration purposes in the lecture theatre where student teachers can see how exciting their mathematics lessons can be. Tricky concepts become clear through colourful, well thought out slides that are both stimulating and motivating. Thank you for this product that fulfils so many needs in mathematics education”.
S.H, Mathematics Education,
University of Dundee.

Your PowerPoint maths presentations have been a brilliant way for me to enrich my teaching. The students are riveted by the images and animations. The explanations are clear, accurate and to the point.  I have also used the Whiteboardmaths presentations successfully for cover lessons that give students some real mathematical input. The files can even be customised to suit our Australian (the New South Wales) syllabus. I am incorporating your Whiteboardmaths presentations into all of our Schemes of Work”. Thank you.
RW, Sutherland Shire Christian School, Sydney, Australia


 "I have been teaching mathematics for 15 years and this by far is one of the best resources I have ever used with my classes. The Whiteboardmaths team present mathematical ideas in a fun, interesting and inter-active fashion. Once you use these presentations you will never look back! I have taught in different countries and found them to translate easily from one curriculum to another. Thank you for a great resource!
JW, Mathematics Teacher,
South Island School, Hong Kong

“Whiteboardmaths.com has proven to be a very valuable resource in the classroom. It is colourful, attractively presented and great fun especially for children who find some mathematical concepts difficult to grasp. It is able to be used across the spectrum of abilities and allows children to explore mathematical concepts in a stimulating and motivating way. As a classroom tool it has become essential, as a group tool it is exciting and able to extend, consolidate or support members and as an individual study session, truly dynamic”.
MM, Assistant Headteacher/SENCO Pells C E Primary School, Lewes,
East Sussex.  

“These PowerPoint presentations are probably one of the best resources currently on the market.  I have been a maths teacher for 28 years and was initially sceptical about using PowerPoint presentations in my classroom.  I have used plenty of other resources with my interactive SMARTboard but these presentations have certainly won me over. The dynamic nature of the presentations enables pupils to see things so much more clearly.  They love them as much as I do!  A brilliant investment for any maths teacher/department”
SH, 2nd in Maths,
Myton School Warwick

“This is just a quick note to say thank you. I have been using Whiteboardmaths presentations for over two years now and have found it to be one of the most useful pieces of maths software I have come across for use with an interactive whiteboard. I have used it in years 5 and 6 and find it stretches the more able pupil and provides excellent explanations and examples in an exciting way for those who struggle with maths. We had a great week using the polyonimoes presentation and the pupils were transfixed by “The tower of Hanoi”.  The SAT Boosters and Enrichment presentations are great to keep maths going in a fun and interesting way right up until the end of term!! I was praised by Ofsted for my lesson that was based around the negative numbers presentation and the improper fractions presentation, which I used during a recent lesson observation, helped me get my new Y6 job!” Every primary school should have it". Thanks again!
EW, Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings C of E (aided) Primary School

“The Whiteboardmaths presentations are fantastic! I first found them, while I was searching for material to assist in teaching fractions as a lot of my students could not grasp the concepts involved.  As soon as I used the presentations all that changed and my students understood the ideas and became thoroughly engaged and shouted out the answers. I have been an avid Whiteboardmaths user ever since – I get back a social life because the presentations save me time and the students are thrilled and captivated by the animations and visual displays. Whiteboardmaths brought back the smiles, as students are entertained as they learn – maths is no longer ‘too hard’ and ‘boring’. These Whiteboard presentations really do enhance my teaching and motivate my students. The presentations can also be left for a relief teacher to show the class – giving me peace of mind – as the students will still be learning while I am away. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find you sooner”!!
Eaton Community CollegeMiddle School, Eaton, Western Australia.

"Both I and my maths class have really enjoyed using the Whiteboardmaths presentations and it was certainly 'money-well-spent'. They are keen and enthusiastic to play something new each day and already, their participation and number solving skills have improved.  Many thanks”.
Stifford Clays Junior School, Thurrock

“The Whiteboardmaths.com material represents some of the best value for money resources currently available. My entire faculty immediately started using the PowerPoint presentations after purchase. They are an excellent time saver and can be easily adapted if needed. The pupils have already benefited from this material”.
MJ, Head of Maths, Mossley Hollins High, Thameside

"Your Whiteboardmaths presentations are fantastic and the kids love them. I can hear them frequently say that they can understand concepts like addition and multiplication of fractions for the first time in their lives! The silence which follows when they work on set tasks is truly inspirational and rewarding." Great Thanks.
EMC, maths teacher, George Abbot School, Guildford

“These are excellent presentations and at a great price! Whiteboardmaths.com has made life so much easier for my department. The presentations have stopped me having to use the OHP for graphs, pie-charts, scatter graphs etc. and these are now simply projected onto a whiteboard at the touch of a button. The result of this resource has been more actively engaged students and I would recommend it to everyone”
St Joseph's Secondary School, Derry, Northern Ireland.

“There is only one word to describe Whiteboardmaths.com and that is outstanding. Not only are the presentations of an exceedingly high quality but they are also very thorough. The latest additions to the CD (Levels 3-6 and Levels 4-7) are already proving to be an invaluable resource in the run up to SAT's. Brilliant”!
Bigwood School Nottingham

"Fantastic!! Have been appraising many schemes for my new Smartboard and yours is by far the best in my opinion. This will save me hours. I will be looking to buy the whole thing for next academic year." Thanks.
CS (Head of Maths -
Cranford House School, Oxon)

"Many of the teachers in my local authority were looking for ready made PowerPoint presentations to use in lessons and I was asked to source some examples.  I came across 'PowerPointmaths.com' during a search on the internet.  After demonstrating them at a training session, heads of department couldn't buy them quick enough.  I even use them myself with individual teachers adapting as necessary.  This is a great resource which is affordable and so easy to use”. 
CE, Maths Consultant,
South Tyneside LEA

“I Love your Whiteboardmath presentations. It's as if the minds of my students have been probed and the most interesting thoughts were explored and assembled via the contents of these PowerPoint presentations. The presentations demand attention and appeal to a variety of student interests, such as racing cars, darts, dominoes, and the animal cartoon characters. The Georgia Math standards align in most cases and it's very simple to change any British units of measurement to US units. Absolutely the best money I ever spent on my classroom". 
Thank you.
Washington-Wilkes Middle School, Washington, Georgia

"Overall, I really enjoy the Whiteboardmaths.com presentations and so do the students I teach. They respond very well, because the presentations are interactive and colourful, with special sounds, effects and displays. This year is my first year of teaching and I am very happy that I found the website and managed to buy some PowerPoint presentations from you. Some of the presentations I bought do the whole lesson plan for me. I don't need to bother about anything, just have that PowerPoint presentation ready and print out the handouts (worksheets), which you provide. I've tried bearings, locus, parts of the circle, coordinates, etc. They went really well. I use the presentations with all my sets. They keep the bottom sets busy and motivated. The students don't realise they do the actual maths while playing the games. The Mental Maths 5000 questions go down extremely well. I've tried 'Dartboard', 'Archery', 'Division board', 'Glass panel', 'Teddies percentages', 'Times tables', 'Tenpin'. I use your presentations together with the individual white boards. I display the question and the students write their answers (total, for example) on their boards. Thanks again for having such a useful website."
AI, maths teacher, Ruskin Sports College, Crewe

"The presentations supplied by Whiteboardmaths.com, are an extraordinary resource that I use regularly to help make my lessons inspiring and exciting. I thoroughly recommend this resource to any maths department."
HR, (Fast track teacher, Woolwich Poly for boys)

"I would like to say that I think the presentations produced are wonderful! The students are stimulated immediately by their use. I have used quite a few of the Data Handling ones- I particularly liked "moving averages" - which my Y10 class have struggled with up until I demonstrated the concept through your PPP’s.

“PowerPoint combined with a Smartboard has proved to be one of the most effective tools I have ever used in teaching maths. I have spent many hours compiling PowerPoint slides. Then I discovered Whiteboardmaths.com. All the work is done for you, the slides are brilliant and the pupils find them interesting and effective. Worth every penny!"
BF (
Edensor Technology College Stoke-on-Trent)

"I teach in Manor Middle School, 6th grade through 8th grade math. This is 10 to 14 year olds. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I use your PowerPoints and look forward to new ones."
VJ Austin

"I would like to thank you on behalf of the maths department at Branksome School in Darlington, County Durham for producing such high quality resources"
KH, Head of Maths

"Congratulations. Your material is the best around that we've found"
MC (Head of Maths, Healing School)

"I have seen your PowerPoint work on the web and am very impressed by it"
SM (Advanced Skills Teacher Leicestershire)

Many thanks for your time and effort. These PPP’s are superb on my new Promethean white board. I've recommended them to Norfolk County Advisory Service"
JH (

"I am a teacher of Mathematics and would like to thank you for producing the PowerPoints which would appear Heaven sent, in our department".
HK (St Mungo's Academy,Glasgow).



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