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Metric 2 (Unit Prefixes)

Measures Powerpoint Presentation

Metric 2 (Unit Prefixes)

Previously called Metric Units.
This presentation shows prefixes for units of distance, mass and capacity in tabular form, together with pictures and a mnemonic to help students remember them. For distance we look at the kilometre, hectometre, Decametre, metre, decimetre, centimetre and millimetre and their relative positions within the table. We state the fact that the metre is the principal unit of length in the metric system.

For mass we look at the kilogram, hectogram, Decagram, gram, decigram, centigram and milligram. We state the fact that the gram is the principal unit of mass in the metric system and that it is defined as the mass of 1cc/ml of water.

For capacity we look at the kilolitre, hectolitre, Decalitre, litre, decilitre, centilitre and milliimetre. We state the fact that the litre is the principal unit of capacity.

Please note that no calculations are performed on the units in this presentation (see next three metric presentations). Here we are mainly concerned with getting students familiar with the units and their prefixes. There are 3 printable blank worksheets at the back of the presentation (one for each table) that can be used by students to fill in the units and prefixes.

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