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Curve Stitching

Enrichment Powerpoint Presentation

Curve Stitching

The ultimate curve stitching resource and a great one to do when the exams are out of the way. This presentation can be enjoyed by students of all ages and all abilities and can result in some lovely colourful classroom displays. A by-product is that it affords the teacher the opportunity to chill out a little and spend some quality time talking with individual students. The presentation explains the basics of curve stitching and we look at 7 different types in total. Printable templates for each are located towards the back of the presentation (slides 33 to 39). The teacher demonstrates to the class how to draw the first 5 or 6 lines in each case by clicking the mouse/pen, after which the remainder of the curve draws itself automatically. Includes four leaf clover, mystic rose (18 point circle), as well as the cardiod (n to 2n), nephroid (n to 3n) and Epicycloid of Cremona (n to 4n) all on a 72 point circles. As well as the animated ones there are some statics on black/white backgrounds with different coloured lines. At a higher level we look at the definitions of the Epicycloids as the name given to the family of curves that are traced out by the path of a point on the circumference of a circle, that rolls around the outside of a fixed circle of different radii. This is demonstrated with the three mentioned above and the circles of varying radii are shown in each case together with a point (that moves) according to the rule for each.
Have some fun!

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