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Tower of Hanoi and Beyond

Enrichment Powerpoint Presentation

Tower of Hanoi and Beyond

In the temple of Banares, says he, beneath the dome which marks the centre of the World, rests a brass plate in which are placed 3 diamond needles, each a cubit high and as thick as the body of a bee. On one of these needles, at the creation, god placed 64 discs of pure gold, the largest disc resting on the brass plate and the others getting smaller and smaller up to the top one. This is the tower of Brahma. Day and night unceasingly the priests transfer the discs from one diamond needle to another according to the fixed and immutable laws of Brahma, which require that the priest on duty must not move more than one disc at a time and that he must place this disc on a needle so that there is no smaller disc below it. When the 64 discs shall have been thus transferred from the needle on which at the creation god placed them to one of the other needles, tower, temple and Brahmans alike will crumble into dust and with a thunder clap the world will vanish.

So begins this first class presentation on The Tower of Hanoi with the words of Edouard Lucas. The metallic wav file enhances the placement of the discs. You have full control up to the 5 tower solution. Includes historical background on this Lucas game, mention of his study of the Fibonacci sequence and his determination that 2^127 - 1 was prime. We also look at the "grains of rice on a chessboard problem" (King Shirham of India). There then follows a journey into the world of large numbers. How to read a 50 digit number! Lots of work on factorials as a precursor to introducing the story of the googol and googolplex. Lots of worksheets. Could take you a forever to get through this lot!

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87 y y y rating


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