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Fermat's Last Theorem

Enrichment PowerPoint Presentation

Fermat's Last Theorem

This takes a look at explaining what Fermats Last Theorem actually was and how it came about. It starts (as Fermat did) by looking at Pythagorean triples and extending this beyond powers of 2. Again this is aimed at the brighter student, perhaps someone who is showing an interest in mathematics early on, and it is designed to stimulate interest in mathematics even further. It is worth remembering that the English mathematician, Andrew Wiles, who eventually supplied the solution, was a ten-year-old, when he first read about the problem. A slide on Simon Singhs excellent book, Fermats Last Theorem is designed to encourage all maths teachers and students with interest in maths to read it. It should be an indispensable part of any school library. http://www.simonsingh.net/

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