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Enrichment PowerPoint Presentation


A simple and straightforward presentation on how to play the 9 x 9 Sudoku number puzzle game.
An explanation of some of the basic methods and techniques of solving an individual cell is shown. A further more complicated situation is looked at where there are two possibilities for a single cell. Once this is done we get the students started on solving one or more pre-set puzzles.
The first 3 are classified as easy(ish), medium and hard(er). These are introductory puzzles and designed so that everyone, including lower ability students can have a good go at them. They have been deliberately chosen not to be too difficult. A fourth (more difficult) daily newspaper puzzle (moderate) completes the set. All puzzles appear on your whiteboard as a single large puzzle on a white background. You simply click on the hyperlink buttons when you want the solutions to appear. All four puzzles are available on a single printable worksheet for students to use.
We finish off by asking "How many distinct solutions are there to a blank 9 x 9 grid"? and what is the least number of "start numbers" needed so that a unique solution is possible? These results are stated (not proved surprisingly), and some links to useful Websites are given.
The main thrust of this presentation is to get students of all abilities involved in starting to tackle sudoku puzzles and to give them enough methodology and confidence so that they can go on to try some of the more challenging ones that appear in the press/magazines.

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