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Product of Primes

Number PowerPoint Presentation

Product of Primes

This is a very nice presentation on writing a number as a product of primes. It starts off by looking at the number square to 100, gives a reminder about the Sieve of Eratosthenes and discusses composite numbers. Two effective methods are employed to find the primes. There are plenty of examples used in each case with everything shown in a simple step-by-step manner. We go on to look at how prime decompositions can help us in finding the highest common factors and lowest common multiples of numbers. Cars going around a track and planets orbiting a star are looked at to find LCMs and add a bit of colour to the presentation. The three planets start off in a line and then you see them move off and go out of sequence. The movement of the planets (set to music) continues throughout the slide (even during the working shown) until you move on to the next slide. It might hypnotise every one! (Movement only in PowerPoint XP and above). There are plenty of example/student questions built in. The final few slides are from Miscellaneous (Greek Proofs) and are put there purely for your convenience should you wish to look at them with an appropriate class. (Fundamental Theorem, Infinity of primes and irrationality of root 2). This will go down very well.

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