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Pascal's Triangle

Algebra PowerPoint Presentation

Pascal's Triangle

A visually stunning and unforgettable introduction to Pascals Triangle, via the Stepping-Stone-Game. Students complete the game after you get them started. They use the stepping-stone worksheet to find the number of routes from the start stone to the finish stone. They record the number of routes to each stone as they go and when complete, have the same entries that are in Pascals Triangle. They then move on to the triangle itself and investigate some of its properties. Rows are added, symmetry is discussed, counting, triangular, tetrahedral and square based pyramid numbers are all filled in colour by you at the click of a mouse. You bring up a stacked cannon ball effect with nice sounds for the two sets of pyramid numbers. This is followed by a look at the Fibonacci numbers and you are able to colour those too at the click of your mouse.
Some work is then undertaken on combinations and related to entries in the triangle. Selections of books from a shelf, balls from a box, cards from a deck, players from a squad for a 5-a-side football team etc. This all leads to the number of ways of choosing 6 balls from a set of 49 to arrive at the odds of winning the National Lottery Jackpot (UK version that is). We then go on to explain how to complete a Pascals Triangle on a spreadsheet. This allows us to view the 6th entry along row 49. There then follows a short historical note on Pascal and Fermats work in developing probability theory.
The presentation concludes by relating the coefficients of the binomial expansion to the rows of the triangle. Blank and filled Pascals triangle masters worksheets are included. You will really enjoy delivering this and your students will love it.

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