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Rational and Irrational Numbers

Number PowerPoint Presentation

Rational and Irrational Numbers

This is a thorough treatment of this topic. We start by explaining what rationals are. The students are given plenty of opportunity to change repeating decimals into rational numbers. We then look at the early history and discovery of irrational numbers and the displeasure of the Pythagorean brotherhood when one of their members (Hippasus) found out that the diagonal of a unit square (root 2) is such a number (he was subsequently sentenced to death by drowning). We then define an irrational number and introduce surds. There are then lots and lots of the type of questions that you would expect about combinations of operations on rationals and irrationals and what type of numbers result. There is more history at the end for those that are interested together with the proof of the irrationality of root 2.

Please note that this presentation is duplicated in the Number Category.

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