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Compound Measures 2 (Density)

Measures PowerPoint Presentation

Compound Measures 2 (Density)

This is a PowerPoint math or maths presentation on Density.
This is the second presentation on compound measures after speed, distance and time.
The idea of density is introduced by dropping (same size) blocks of copper, silver and gold onto 3 scales with animated pointers. The students then find the density of each of the three metals. We then go on to look at a variety of problems involving calculating either, the density, mass or volume of a good variety of materials such as blocks of stone, wood, bronze bust, marble statue, rubber tyre, ice, water etc. We also look at the fact that 1 cubic centimetre of water has a mass of 1 gram. Again, there are lots of nice graphics to help hold student interest. Worksheets are included.

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