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Metric 4 (Mass)

Measures PowerPoint Presentation

Metric 4 (Mass)

This is a PowerPoint math or maths presentation on metric units for mass.
We start by refreshing our memory of the mnemonic for metric prefixes from the earlier presentation and state the fact that the gram is the principal unit of mass in the metric system. We explain that 1 cc/ml of water has a mass of 1 gram.
We briefly look at using the earlier prefix table to look at converting the less common units such as hectograms, Decagrams and decigrams before moving on to our main focus of conversions between the more common units, kilograms, grams, and milligrams. There then follows lots and lots of example questions/student questions (all with answers) on conversions between all of these units. There are lots of nice graphics to make the topic a bit more interesting and worksheets are included. Another nice presentation.

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45 y n y rating


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