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QE2: The Final Days

Functional Maths PowerPoint Presentation

QE2: The Final Days

"This really is the best Functional Maths stuff around and is saving us a lot of hard work" DB, Head of Maths, Range High School, Specialist Mathematics School"

Functional Skills Mathematics Presentation.
This a hugely enjoyable, interesting and extensive presentation on functional mathematics based around the final days of the QE2 which leaves Southampton in November for its final voyage to Dubai. You may be aware that a Dubai business has bought the ship for $100 000 000 and that it will become a hotel and floating restaurant in Palm Jumeirah (Full screen jpeg images of the QE2 and Palm Jumeirah included). It will become topical very shortly with all the press and TV coverage that is sure to follow her as she leaves.

Students are motivated by the opening story of the reporter (Peter Jones) who is reflecting on his successful career as an international travel journalist, as he sits on the deck of the QE2 sipping a cocktail, overlooking the Palm on a sunny November day in the year 2028.

As a freelance journalist for Reuters he has been asked to do a piece on the 20th anniversary of the departure of the QE2 from Southampton. He reflects on his early career as a trainee reporter on the slightly downmarket rag of a newspaper, the Southampton Herald and the assignment his editor gave him to interview the Captain of the ship the day before it left for Dubai. His editor (not a pleasant fellow) insisted that he got lots of facts figures and statistics to impress the readers. Peter did such a good job that it helped him get promotion to a larger regional newspaper before he worked his way up through the national tabloids and broad sheets to his current prestigious position with Reuters. He thinks back to all those facts, figures and statistics that he gathered twenty years ago from the Captain and elsewhere and realises how useful and relevant they were in kick starting his early career. "There's nothing wrong with facts, figures and statistics, nothing at all in fact I love-em!!"

The presentation is cram-packed with interesting maths that will be sure to get the students thinking. Coverage and range of functional maths at both levels 1 and 2 is very comprehensive with the vast majority of topics being covered. There is teacher guidance at the start followed by a slide showing the extent of the coverage and range within each level (highlighted in green).

Coverage is attained by looking at different aspects of the QE2 including facts and figures on its size, passengers carried, speed, number of world/transatlantic cruises etc. We then move to look at the mathematics behind a typical cruise with 1800 passengers on board. We look at things like percentage cabin occupancy and costs, stores needed, passenger and crew breakdown including nationality, gender and ages. There are lots of tables containing varied data as well as graphs/pie chart. A map of the route shows us the different ports of call in both Iceland and Norway and we look at different excursions booked, temperatures, currency exchange rates and finish off with an investigation into the fuel efficiency of the ship. There are a total of 54 questions. All answers appear on the white board when clicked but there is also a printable teacher Q & A sheet for convenience towards the end of the presentations. Students also have a question sheet and there are 10 worksheets available should you require them.

Get yourself off to a great and novel start using functional maths with this hugely enjoyable presentation.

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