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Driving Lessons

Functional Maths PowerPoint Presentation

Driving Lessons

"This really is the best Functional Maths stuff around and is saving us a lot of hard work" DB, Head of Maths, Range High School, Specialist Mathematics School"

This is a nice presentation that covers a good portion of the functional maths "coverage and range" at both levels 1 and 2 with 40 carefully targeted questions.

We start by comparing prices and special offers from 3 local driving schools before moving on to look at pass rate statistics from some test centres. After that we look at the relationship between age and number of lessons needed to pass the practical test. This leads onto a nice scatter graph that students can plot on the supplied worksheet. This is followed by some excellent slides on stopping distance with lots of questions.
After that we look at twenty road signs and ask questions on their symmetry as well as lots on proportion. (fraction triangular etc etc)
Finally we look at some data on the number of attempts people took to pass the test and employ the usual averages in the questions.

Contains printable teacher Q + A sheets, student question sheets and all the worksheets that you need. This is an excellent functional maths resource.

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26 y y y rating


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