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Von Koch Snowflake

Investigation PowerPoint Presentation

Von Koch Snowflake

This is a brief but very interesting look at the Von Koch Snowflake Curve. After introducing the curve and discussing its generation, the students are simply asked to derive the perimeter formula for nth iteration (after a reasonable prompt in the right direction).

We then move on to discuss the curve’s finite area and reveal, (by reference to the formula) its infinite perimeter. Students are encouraged to generate a spreadsheet from the formula for the first 50 terms in the sequence to convince themselves of the infinity of the perimeter. (Spreadsheet is at slide 16).
There is a printable worksheet if needed at slide 18 (some students may wish to make jottings/notes on it). If you want to extend still further for the very able, then you might wish to see if they can work out the area, (An) for the nth iteration.

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