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Integration 3 (Definite Areas)

Advanced/Higher Level Presentation

Integration 3 (Definite Areas)

Integration Maths PowerPoint Presentation.
We show that the area under the curve of the function y = f(x) between limits x = a and x = b and the x axis, is equivalent to evaluating the definite integral between these limits. This result is simply stated at slide 2 but is derived at by use of slides 22 to 28 when we look at integration as a process of summation and state The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. This could be done at the start or left until the end of the presentation depending how the teacher feels about the class involved.

In the intervening slides we look at a wide variety of curves and determine methods to calculate areas between the x axis, y axis, compound areas, areas beneath curves and areas between curves. There are lots of example questions and the use of graphs and shaded areas help make things very clear for the student. Printable question sheet at the back.

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