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Trigonometry 3: Angles Greater than 90 degrees

Advanced/Higher Level Presentation

Trigonometry 3: Angles Greater than 90 degrees

Trigonometry Angles Greater than 90 Deg Maths PowerPoint Presentation.
The presentation starts with two synchronized points moving around the sine wave and the unit circle. This is set to Bach, and is designed to get the class thinking as they enter the room. We then go on to formally establish this connection between the trigonometric ratios and the moving point on the circumference of a circle of unit radius.
As the point moves around the circle, the students plot the different values on their grid until they have the sine wave. A similar approach is taken for the cosine function. The tangent function is then defined. There are lots of problems to solve, historical notes and worksheets. This is a superb presentation with all concepts clearly explained with the use of diagrams and animation. Not to be missed!

Please note that this is also located in the Geometry Category.

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35 y y y rating


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